Z’Move …… defined.

Body Unity offers classes 2x a week called Z’Move.

These classes incorporate a variety of modalities. You will find a mix of Franklin Method, Pilates, Yoga, MELT and dancelike coordination movement all mixed in. Sometimes music, sometimes not.

Each class might be tapered to the student/students needs on that particular day. However, since every human being has different ideas, body issues, and desires it may not be possible to accommodate everyone every time. (that is what privates are for) but I try my best.

Spontaneity is a wonderful thing as it offers opportunity for change and for exploration of your body in a way that may not be familiar.

Walking is very familiar as we do it all day to get from point A to point B. But if we repeat an inefficient pattern, we waste our efforts to achieve something we think we want but only create a deeper pattern in a direction we already have.

Z’Move is a class that offers choices. Learning to notice what is going on and what one wants and what movement patterns will make life more enjoyable. Efficiency comes from understanding and applying. Just like anything else in life, from computer work to brick laying to marathons, the more you educate yourself about the function of what you are doing the better you can accomplish the task in an efficient way.

Once we understand HOW to move, we can move well and with joy and also apply it to everyday life. Just picking something up off the floor or sitting down in a chair, knowledge of movement and application of movement can be so rewarding. It will reduce aches and pains, and add longevity to your experience here on Mother Earth.

Body Unity wants to help you find your body, sense your body, understand your body and then MOVE your body. Movement is critical to many functions of the body.

Z’Move is here to:

          educate you about your body and what it can do

          and….get it to move with that education applied.  

          intelligent, mindful, efficient, and joyful!!          

          Let’s Z’Move!!

​​Z’move classes

Classes are a combination of the Franklin Method, Pilates, Yoga and Coordination Movements. They vary each time, spontaneity is a good way to stimulate your brain.​

Tuesday’s 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm

Thursdays 9:30 am to 10:45 am.

Please contact me ahead at 415-686-2596 or ZoyaMarie@ZoyaMarie.com if you are planning to attend. Numbers are limited and sometimes I am out of town.

Thank you!