​​​Body Unity Yoga

Body Unity sees Yoga as a means for unifying the body with the being.

Yoga is a mind/body/spirit/ experience. It is about balancing the bodies, going deep inside yourself, helping you find yourself. To be IN the body is an act of blending and separating: To be active- to be passive, to be thinking- to be feeling, to be warm- to be cool, to see light- to see dark, to be joyous- to be sad, to be moving- to be still, and we could go on and on. Yoga is life and life has the full color spectrum, white which is all colors all the way to black, an absence of color. Yoga has all the sounds from the high frequencies, that humans can't hear, to the very low. Yoga helps you feel all your senses, taste, smell, touch, intuition, in addition to sight and sound. Yoga is about blending all that you are, taking your raw ingredients and creating a person of beauty, joy, receiving, giving, working, playing. Yoga helps the human be the best human it can be, which in part is preparing the spirit for the next journey.

Body Unity Yoga is:
* breathing to enhance life force
* reorganizing the structure by balancing supportive tissues.
* stretching to stay open.
* focusing to create strength
* becoming aware, and listening to the body, to let it speak to the being.

The Physical Expression in Body Unity Yoga focuses on alignment, breath, movement, and heat.

Alignment is critical in assessing the lines and spirals within the body. Acute attention is paid to avoid over-stretching a possible particular weak area. Principles of using gravity as a support system is added to the understanding of how to negotiate the positions and movements.

The Breath is what keeps it all dynamic. This feeds the asanas to keep them alive and the larger movements the energy to be powerful. The breath can be used to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which we need to be active. The breath can also be used to bring us down into our parasympathetic nervous system, which brings us to a place of outer relaxation and inner focus. When we go into the parasympathetic system, our autonomic functions have a greater opportunity to do their own performance.

Movement is what the human body was designed to do. The body is not too happy if it has to be still for long periods, especially if it is negotiating gravity. Yes, there are times when keeping the body very still allows us to "get out of the body" but that is a different study. To be IN the body, we continuously look for physical balance. (The earth is moving under our feet.)

Heat is necessary to soften tissue. Body Unity Yoga does not use external heat, but rather getting the rise in temperature from the body's own mechanism. Heating the tissue in order to melt the restricted areas brings balance and change to the body structure. The breath and movement both create internal heat. This gives the body the opportunity to determine how much heat is good for it. The heat comes on slow and then cools down as the end of the session slows down and the body returns to its own temperature.

The Mental and Emotional expression of Body Unity Yoga likes to use guided imagery for internal awareness to create a place for the belief of betterment. A place where the student can use their mind to create images and learn to listen to what their body is telling them so that they can acquire the information to move to a better state of being.

The Spiritual Expression of Body Unity Yoga uses meditation of many styles creating a space for the very deep connection with oneself and the power that drives the being. There is no attachment to any religious philosophy.

ZoyaMarie started Yoga on her own when she came across a small Yoga book at age 10. She became more and more fascinated and began a solo daily practice. This experience was the first of many mind/body studies, books, and classes that led her forward to a life focused on serving others to find their own connections. Although she has a strong practice in Bodywork, Movement Coaching and Education, ZoyaMarie believes that each person has within them the knowledge and the ability to heal themselves. She is just an assistant to helping you find you!

Upward Facing Dog