Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is not just about good smells.  It has documented studies on the chemical constituents of therapeutic oils and their effects.

There are various constituents that would affect different aspects of the health of the body. Some oils are used for calming, some for viral infections, some for unwanted microbes (like candida or E. coli), some for boosting the immune system, some for skin eruptions, some for anti-inflammatory conditions, some for brain fog....  

The use of aromatherapy can help with many things without the use of synthetic chemicals (drugs)
Aromatherapy can be used topically, orally, or by inhaling.

    *Topically- the skin pulls the beneficial oils into the system and the body distributes them through the vascular and neurological systems.
    *Orally- one can be aided directly by ingestion of select oils (not all oils are suitable for this)
    *By inhaling- intact is through the olfactory system. The olfactory system will communicate to the brain which then delivers information that applies to the rest of the body. This can be beneficial for the body in ways that are physical, emotional and psychological.

When using any of these methods there are protocols for use and safety. Even though therapeutic oils are not considered a “drug” they ARE medicine and should be taken seriously. There are benefits and there are contraindications.

The quality of the oils used is imperative for therapeutic use.

Other important factors:
*They should be from a facility that produces high quality oils
*The plants should be grown the correct way
*Sourced from the right location (different regions and altitudes create different constituents)
*Harvested correctly
*Produced from freshly harvested sources
*Distillation procedures that maintain the quality of the oils
*Bottling that maintains the freshness of the oils

Body Unity uses Young Living products because of the research, standards of all listed above, therefore, the high quality of the oils.

But most importantly, in using Young Living, I have seen amazing results, for myself, for my family and for my clients.If you are interested in knowing more about the science behind it, please contact me. The Essential Oils desk reference, compiled by Essential Science Publishing will give you a thorough understanding of the use and benefits of essential therapeutic oils.

Raindrop Technique


          Raindrop Technique (RT) is the sequential application of

antimicrobial essential oils synergistically combined to counter bacterial

and viral agents and simultaneously reduce inflammation.

         These are applied to the Spine and the Vitaflex points on the

feet. The oils are administered one drop at a time over the spine.  A

specific manual, non-invasive technique is used to stimulate the

nervous system to pull the oils in through the skin to then circulate

throughout the body.


         RT utilizes the anti-viral, antibacterial and anti inflammatory

action of several essential oils that will facilitate countering many ailments

such as sore muscles, nausea, headache, flu and colds.

         In addition, RT is very relaxing and will aid in the recipient to drop

into their parasympathetic nervous system for rest and repair. This will

restore balance that may be disrupted from a high intensity lifestyle.

Many naturopaths and doctors have observed and reported the

beneficial effects of Raindrop Techniques. But most important is will you

feel the effects? Want to know what others have experienced? Please

read the section titled “Raindrop Technique” under testimonials to learn

about the experience of others who have received it.