Pilates is a philosophy as well as a form of exercise. Joseph Pilates was inspired to help others, specifically those injured in the war, and out of that came an exercise modality. His hopes for those unable to be mobile was to keep some core strength so that after their rehabilitation they would not have lost the internal strength with which to function. Then the concept became broadened and reached out to gymnasts and dancers, and then on to the general public.

In today's world, Pilates is a part of many exercise regimes. It lives very specifically in private studios and has also reached into most gyms.

Body Unity focuses greatly on the Mind/Body concept of the Pilates Method as the intention of movement is a huge part of the movement itself. The utilization of the Pilates exercises help to strengthen and align the structure of the body. Developing core strength increases stability. With this in place one can really focus on and accelerate their specific goals. Body Unity’s strength training program incorporates much of the essence of the Pilates philosophy.

My Pilates teacher training began with Marie-José Blom in 1997, owner of Long Beach Dance Conditioning and Angel City Body Kinetics. Marie-José teaches the classic fundamentals of Pilates while being inventive and staying current with new understanding and knowledge of human body function. Marie-José has high expectations not only of her students, but of herself. She continues to grow in the field. Her comprehension and attention to detail of the biomechanics of Pilates work is a rarity in the Pilates world. You will find Marie-José teaching at advanced level Pilates Conventions internationally as well as at her home base in Southern California. I feel very fortunate to have initiated my path in movement education with my Pilates Teaching Training Course with Marie-José and subsequently with her advanced continuing education courses. What an inspiring launch! If you would like to know more about Marie-José Blom please visit www.pilatesinspiration.com.