Playing with the balloons offers both visual acuity and body coordination which can enhance neural plasticity... And it is fun, a very important part of “exercising”.

​Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease is a neurological condition.  It is a state of dis-ease. It can affect your autonomic nervous system, brain and spinal cord. It may include dopamine related disturbances that can cause difficulty with movement, speech, and walking that greatly affects the quality of everyday life.

Parkinson’s can show a closing “in” of posture and other aspects of personality that diminish the ability and desire to engage fully in life.  Body Unity can offer a routine of various exercises that help delay this process.

The exercises that Body Unity offers are designed to create bigger movements, louder sounds, and happier experiences. 

Opening up the front of the body gives you a better sense of self- confidence and ability to engage in the world. It also helps counter depression and the feeling of loneliness. Tremors may or may not decrease, but the exercises may offer this possibility. Walking with bigger steps, speaking up, and moving in bigger ways all contribute to delaying the condition. 

No complex machines are needed. The exercises can be done in real life throughout the day. They work on your physical strength, range of motion, stamina and…again, all these help one gain confidence for a better quality of life.

I have seen the benefits in the glee of one’s eyes!! It is a pleasure for me to offer this to those in need…

Parkinson's Disease Training Class