Thomas Meyers

I studied Structural Integration with Thomas Myers, founder/developer of KMI, Kinesis Myofascial Integration, and author of Anatomy Trains, a most ingenious approach to Structural Integration.  Tom has an extensive and multi disciplinary background that he brings to his teaching. He is a sensitive and caring teacher with very high expectations of his students. His curriculum is comprehensive and includes an in depth study of anatomy and the science behind KMI techniques.  Tom’s courses are also designed to read beyond just the science of his modality as they acknowledge the entire being during the experience of structural change.

Thomas Myers is among the most rigorous and dynamic teachers with whom I have studied. My courses with KMI both challenged and encouraged me to reach a more defined and refined level of bodywork. This knowledge has greatly expanded my approach with new insights on how to evaluate and access problems and make lasting changes in my clients. It brings me great joy to see someone feel happier in their body after having received a session or a full series of KMI work at my studio.

Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, many journals and a dynamic teacher, travels the globe sharing his Anatomy Trains concept with the world of manual and movement therapists.

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Ron Murray

Ron Murray is a passionate teacher. His background as an advanced Rolfer, Berry Method Practitioner and Osteopathy Practitioner lends his teaching to a variety of in-depth studies. The Pelvis Workshop, The Thoracic Workshop and The Cranial Workshop continuing education courses taught by Ron have all greatly advanced my understanding of technique and approaches to address and release myofascial connective tissue including working with the natural and subtle flexibility of the bones. In addition, his instruction in the understanding and sensing of the lemniscate rhythms in the body and application of specific techniques to stimulate this have been very effective in facilitating fluid transference and internal healing mechanisms natural to the body. Ron Murray’s wonderful contributions are greatly appreciated. To know about Ron visit

Marie-Josė Blom

My Pilates teacher training began with Marie-José Blom in 1997. Marie-José teaches the classic fundamentals of Pilates while being inventive and staying current with new understanding and knowledge of human body function. Marie-José has high expectations not only of her students, but of herself. She continues to grow in the field. Her comprehension and attention to detail of the biomechanics of Pilates work is a rarity in the Pilates world. I feel very fortunate to have initiated my path in movement education with my Pilates Teaching Training Course with Marie-José and subsequently with her advanced continuing education courses. What an inspiring launch! 

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Sue Hitzman

Sue Sue has introduced me to a great concept for addressing the connective tissue by means of self-help through the use of little balls for the hands and feet and a soft roller for the rest of the body.

She has quite the story of post 9-11 in NYC when she volunteered as a bodyworker for the firemen that had put their life on the line. Her hands became so “worn out” that she initiated the concept of rehabilitation for overuse syndromes. This is for bodyworkers, for the elderly, and yes, even for the athlete!

Her concept to rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate the connective tissue, and release tension has proven to give the gift of self-help techniques that really make a difference in the way your body feels and moves.

Sue comes from a place of passion about what she is offering and is a very focused educator.  I feel very fortunate that I was encouraged to study with her. MELT is a great asset to my clients.

And what a great name…. MELT… it is actually what I do with Structural Integration… melt the tissue from crusty and dried to ..flexible and moist. We feel and move so much better when our tissues are properly “hydrated”. For more info about MELT visit

Franklin Method Level III Graduation day. (The only US LEVEL III Class)

Instructors Eric Franklin at center front in cap and light green shirt and Morton Dithmer in the back row, left in orange shirt and cap. I am on the far right, back row in teal.

​Eric Franklin

I was introduced to the work of Eric Franklin via his book Dyanamic Alignment through Imagery. I enrolled in a weekend workshop, “Pelvic Power” in 2004. After this exposure to such amazing work I enrolled in the teacher training course. In 2005, I graduated as a Franklin Method Educator (FME) Level I (bones). In 2006, I obtained my Level II (muscle energy). I am now a graduate of Level III (organs). I am always impressed with the level of knowledge that Eric possesses. His method of bringing that knowledge into the experiential level is unique and astoundingly creative. He is one of the most inspiring and authentic teachers with whom I have studied.