"I truly enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gained from MY mentors. So it is a pleasure and honor for me to mentor others and see them increase their own understanding so they, too, can give it out to the world."

Student Testimonials

You have made the Franklin Method alive and approachable. Your deep understanding of the body, how it moves, and how to correct its faulty habits of movements has been illuminating. I have especially appreciated your teaching demonstrations using models and pictures, as well as the tips and treatment strategies you have been kind enough to share with me. You are patient and non judgmental, you adhere to clear and effective teaching pedagogy. You add humor, wit, and magic to your practice. You instruct in an organized and thoughtful manner, your multifaceted and profound experience is inspiring and enlightening!
Muriel Reiley, PT/Polstar Pilates

I appreciate the overview you have of the Franklin Method, having taken all three years. You are an articulate and patient teacher and were able to answer my questions in a way that brought me clarity and understanding. I feel you embody the work and inspire me to continue my study all the way to the end. Thanks so much for your generosity and help!!!
Pamela Couley, Dancer/Pilates instructor

Thank you so much for the time you spend reviewing, embodying and articulating in great detail the Franklin Method pedagogy!!  I feel so blessed that you helped me.  I will definitely have a better understanding of what’s to come because you really helped me to create a strong foundation in this work.  I have since used some of the pelvic floor Franklin Ball work on nearly every one of my students. They are much happier because of this. :-)

Much Love!!

Mandi, Polstar Pilates/Yoga instructor