The MELT Method™

The MELT Method™,vcreated by Sue Hitzmann, is not just another exercise program. It offers the ability to use self-help tools to rebalance your nervous system and rehydrate your connective tissue.

The nervous system is what keeps you negotiating gravity 24/7. This means balance, movement and rest. Reflexes that were put in place, beginning when you were born, helped you learn to go from a curled up baby ball to a standing and walking adult. But sometimes along the way our systems can get “out of whack”. This leads to compensation. Our bodies learn how to “fake it”. We still may not fall over, but what we put ourselves through to avoid this can lead to wear and tear on the system. Typically we are not even conscious of this deterioration until it becomes pretty obvious. MELT works to help stimulate this neural organization for better gravitational balance, therefore less compensation, more efficient movement… less wear and tear.

The Connective Tissue system is what supports, protects and stabilizes every aspect of our body. It provides the entire body architectural support. It is a three-dimensional web that surrounds every structure in your body, even your cells. In order to be strong, yet flexible, it needs to be hydrated. MELT directly addresses connective tissue dehydration (stuck stress) by exciting the fibroblast to bring the fluid INTO the cellular structure. Drinking more water is important, but might just overload the kidneys without stimulating the cells to use the fluid you are consuming.

So what exactly is Stuck Stress?

Stuck Stress is when our bodies develop adhesions and excess, often thickened, connective tissue which in turn block the flow of fluid within our cellular structure. All systems are affected. Since humans are mostly water, communication from one part of our body to another requires fluid.

What causes Stuck Stress?

Aging: we all dry up as we get older- just a fact of the aging process.

Habitual patterns: Being in the same position for long periods of time.
or doing the same thing over & over—can cause connective tissue to become stuck

…thicker, less hydrated,= less efficiency = compensation = aches and pains.

Trauma: A surgical invasion, a blow to a joint, an shocking emotional or psychological event, all can cause a place of stuck stress.

Intense Exercise:
Though exercising is healthy on one level, being an athlete puts extreme stress on the body and quite often leads to methods of unconscious compensation to accomplish the task. Compensation reduces precision and efficiency of movement. When dehydrated our joints become compressed and muscles begin to operate with improper timing, becoming less coordinated.

MELT can be an adjunct to whatever you desire from your life. Possibly more powerful athletics, more mobility, better balance, …..and less chronic aches and pains.better balance, …..and less chronic aches and pains.