Constructive rest

​​Franklin Method

The Franklin Method is a way to educate you about how your body functions. Through imagery, whether anatomical or metaphorical, it will give you tools to feel and move better for efficiency of living.

The Method includes the use of both balls and bands as physical tools, but most importantly the imagery YOU create in your mind and the way YOU embody the information or image is the key.

The Franklin Method is based in science, but it is how you are able to experience the imagery you have created as you move that gives the physical rewards.

How do you get on and off a chair? Off the couch? Do you have any images of what is happening? or do you just fall onto or shove yourself up to deal with gravity?

Have you ever noticed how your ribs expand like elastic bands to allow your diaphragm to go up and down and bring you oxygen?

Have you ever given thought to how amazing those 26 bones in your feet are working..

when getting out of bed in the morning, taking the dogs for a walk, or playing tennis, etc?

The Franklin Method workshops and classes are presented in a lively and friendly environment and you can take what you have learned home with you to live it in your daily life.