Body Work

Bodywork is just what it says, work on the body. There are many forms and modalities that help the human body feel and function better. From Therapeutic massage to QiGong the list is endless. Whatever choices one makes is a unique decision. Each body hopefully will find what is nourishing for its own wellbeing. (Just like nourishment through food. Some can eat raw and some need it cooked.) But whatever the choice, bodywork IS self-care. Body Unity uses the metaphor, just like eating your vegetables. A regular dose is more effective than waiting a year to eat enough to make up for all that time. 

Bodywork can be seen as a way to keep balance in the structure for better ease and more efficiency of body function. Whether it is to relax, soothing nerves, increasing vascular circulation or literally working on structure by working with connective tissue, bodywork is good for your body.