I am showing the mother the best way to pick up a baby.  NOT under the armpits as it can cause shoulder elevation as they grow.  We all try to keep our shoulders down and if we do not encourage the elevation in the infant stage, it could be very helpful.


Coming into this world is a fairly traumatic experience, even at best. The separation from being completely cared for in the womb to trying to survive outside… is a lot, but an infant learns quickly. Although a human infant still remains completely dependent on Mom their neurological reflexes do an amazing job of putting the baby on a path to more independence. As we watch an infant grow each day, their life is new, bigger and hopefully a good experience. However, there can be things that don’t go as should.

This is where Body Unity can help. Body Unity can encourage proper reflex development and train a baby to use their body to move as it is intended and in a timely manner relative to their development and growth. Babies are fresh (they even smell good) and impressionable. Being conscious of your baby’s development is very important for the rest of the life they have ahead. Body Unity can help to teach movement to babies and to teach parents how to encourage this in their babies while avoiding things that will inhibit their progress.